Ok... a blog should NOT be this difficult. But as I am searching for the "perfect background" and the "perfect pictures", I realize... Blogging probably isnt this hard. I should be REALLY good at it considering I am such a journal writer and love to write, however... The problem here... I am 100 % a
Thats right, crazy, Monica from friends style, PERFECTIONIST. I have issues. So, instead of spending hours on trying to find the perfect layout, I will have to learn as I go. A task that might be difficult, but it can only make me a better person, right?
So here I go, this is blog number 1!
? Pictures, Images and Photos

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Profession/Career/Job: Community Manager for The Mark Residences and M Club in Oldtown Scottsdale.
Everything Else: Right now, my life is my job and my family. I work, go home and have dinner with my sis, and then bed...

Living in Scottsdale for the past 7 months (yes, 7... can you believe its been that long??) has been such a blessing and challenge. I have definitely grown up and figured a lot out being here. How I got here is kind of crazy, but everything happens for a reason right? Living in Scottsdale would definitely suck if I didnt have my Sister/Bro in Law/Niece and my Brother/Sister in Law here. I have gotten extremely close to Jordyn and Ella since they moved here in August! So grateful for family.

I just moved in to a new place up in North Scottsdale area and I love it. It is so nice to have my own place where you own everything... makes me feel even more like an adult, but I like it. Its quiet, and pretty... Pics to come :-)

So folks, I think I did it... hopefully the blogging process will get easier after this! We will see. Wish me luck!!!