OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN: Christmas: 4 days away, New Years: 9 days! I have officially checked out of work for the week, which is good considering I have worked extra hard the past month finishing everything from my budget, to planning the Holiday Party (which turned out awesome... but I will get into that later), and to making sure my building stays up and running!! So, I am allowed to check out the week of Christmas.... and I am only working today and tomorrow!!! YIPPEE!

Soooo.... this weekend was an eventful one. Things are getting crazy over at Pietra (the apartments Jordyn and I live in). Mom and Kaelin flew in Friday Night, after many long delays, and almost missed flights, they got in around 11:00 p.m. It is so good that they are here for the Holidays, and the only BAD thing about them being here is that they are taking Sophie home with them (SAD DAY)... Boozer is going to miss her like crazy :-( Saturday we shopped, however, we werent very successful except I did buy a cute new pair of boots!! These are my obsession this year... sweater boots, not sure why, but I love them :-)


Saturday night we went and saw Avatar, which I was actually very impressed with. It was fun, even though I was literally falling asleep in the theatre... probably from my lack of sleep all week! I wasn't the only one falling asleep though, Jordyn and Kaelin were too! On Sunday we went to church and watched Steven and Emily sing in the Choir! I do love Christmas music, and I got to wear my new boots before I wrap them and put them under the tree: To V, Love Victoria!

Yay for the rest of my family coming in tonight and tomorrow! I cant wait for everyone to be here, even though its going to be very cramed in my place, and Jordyns place. But, I do love to cuddle :-)

ANYWAYS, last week I had TWO Holiday parties... one for Rossmar and Graham, and the other at my building! They both were fantastic, but I liked mine better, probably because I planned it!!! Here are some pictures from both parties!







I hardly took any pictures at my Holiday Party because I was playing "Host" the entire evening, which I didnt mind. I actually love planning parties, but I do stress out because I want everything to be perfect. All and all though, I feel like the night was a success and I love all my precious residents :-)

Signing off for the day... I will be back next week with a fun Christmas Blog!!! Here is a little picture to make you smile. A little History... last night I was wondering where Boozer was because he usually sleeps on my bed, well, I finally found him like this... on my floor...

!!! Happy Holidays !!!




I saw this on a friends blog, and stole it (thanks Whitney)... thought it was a cute idea, and since I am kind of bored at work today... this will help! Enjoy!!

The ABC's of me!!!!!

age- 25 1/2
animal- favorite animal would have to be my dog... boozer :-)
Birthday- May 10th
Body part on opposite sex- Definitely arms and back
Blind or Deaf - probably deaf
Best Weather- warm during the day, and a lil chilly at night
Believe in god? - YES YES YES
Believe in Santa? - Duh!

Candy- Sour Straws- the blue kind
Color- Yellow and Blue
Cried- Two days ago... but Happy Tears
Chocolate/Vanilla- uhhh depends..
Chinese/Mexican- Mexican
Cake or Pie? - Not a fan of either
Clothing Style- Professional by day, jeans/tanktop by night!

Day or Night? - Both!
Dream- good dreams have been in my favor lately
Danced- its been a while since I last danced
Do Splits? - maybe if I was still in Yoga :-(

Eggs- on an egg sandwich! Over hard!!
Eyes- Blue for me
Ever Failed? Lots of times

First Crush- hmmm... probably my neighbor when I was like 5! Nick!
Full Name- Victoria Kussee Hale
First thoughts waking up? - I dont want to get out of bed...
Food- I love soup and corn bread is one of my favs right now
Favorite Place- Probably Charleston, SC
Charleston SC Pictures, Images and Photos

Greatest Fear- Being alone
Giver or Taker- both, but much more of a giver
Goals- To be successful in my career and to have a family
Gum- Green!!!
Get along with your parents? - Very much so
Good luck charm? - dont really have one anymore, when I was younger I used to kiss the soccer field before the game started.

Hair Color- Blonde Blonde Blonde
Height- 5'8
Happy- Extremely
Holiday- CHRISTMAS!!!!

Ice Cream- Mint Chocolate Chip or Rainbow Sherbet
Instrument- huh??? My Ipod!!!

Jewelry- my Tiffanys Necklace :-)
Job- Community Manager

Kids- some day
Kickboxing or Karate- KickBoxing!!
Keep a journal? - I have TONS of journals... need to be better about writing in them now, but I think a blog kind of counts as an oline journal, its just not as personal.

Longest Car Ride? - Think it has to be one of the MANY times I have moved cross country!
Laughed so hard you cried? - its been a while...
Love at first sight? - Um... somewhat

Milk Flavor? - SKIM or 1 %
Movie- right now, its the Holiday and Elf cuz of the this time of year!
Marriage? - In the future FOR SURE

Number of Siblings? - 4 sibs, 2 sibs in-law!
Number of Piercings? - double in my ears, and my belly button was once pierced but not anymore
Number- 4 is my all time FAVORITE number

Overused Phrases- LOL... i hate that phrase
One phobia- dont think I really am scared of much
Overseas- been once, Paris and Germany!

Place you'd like to live- wherever I want to be!
Perfect Pizza- Thin crust cheese from Papa Johns
Pepsi/Coke- either... i like them both

Reasons to Cry- wait, I need a reason???
Radio Station- 104.7 or 102.5 here in AZ
Roll your tongue- you know it... sorry grandma!! :-)

Salad Dressing- Ranch
Sushi- um, only with the soy wrap (thanks Robert)
Skipped School- back in the day... no more school for me Thanks
Slept Outside- probably when I drove back from Cali with Rachelle and we slept in her car
Skinny Dipped- no thanks!!
Shower Daily- usually... just dont wash my hair
Sing Well- well??? not so sure about that
Sing in the Shower- nope... no time to sing
Stuffed Animals- just my USC bear thats on my bed that Robert gave to me
Strawberries/Blueberries- if i have to pick... strawberries
Strengths- Smart, usually tough, can usually pull through everything with a smile.

Time for bed- btwn 10:00 and 11:00 p.m.
Thunderstorms- Love them!
TV Shows- lets see... Monday- Gossip Girl and Castle! Tuesday- SYTYCD, 90210, Melrose Place. Wednesday- Nip Tuk. Thursday- Greys Anatomy. Those are some of my favs right now! But I will say that I cant wait for 24 to start.
Touch your tongue to your nose- Nope!!!

Unpredictable- the weather and life
Underestimated- Florida State!!! hehe
Florida State Pictures, Images and Photos

Vegetable you hate- Broccoli
Vegetable you love- Cucumbers are my favorite!!

Weakness- IM TOO NICE!!! and I let people walk all over me, but I am getting better at that.
When you grow up- I want a family... :-)
Where do we go when we die- to heaven to be with our family!!!
Weather- love love love when it rains, and I do miss snow!

X-Rays- hate them all... they dont even do anything...
X's? - why do we call them x's??? cuz we have x'd them!!

Year it is now- 2009, but 23 days till 2010
Yellow? - Is my favorite color, expecially when its in a rose form! Fire and Ice Please!!!

Fire and Ice Pictures, Images and Photos

Zoo animal- Probably the Pandas, or the monkeys!
Zodiac Sign- Taurus Baby... dont mess with the bull
So there ya have it! My personal ABC's. Took me all day to do, but it was fun!!!!


December Already

December Pictures, Images and Photos

Can you believe that it is already december? 2009 has definitely FLOWN by. In honor of it being the last month of the year... I have compiled some good and bad things that have happened to me in 2009

1. I paid off my car in March!!! Wahoo! Even though I am not a fan of the Focus, its nice that I own my car and can damage it as much as I want. 2010 will be a year of a new Big Girl Car...

2. Speaking of Big Girl... 2009 has turned me in to what my dad and I say is a Big Girl. I have a Big Girl Job, Big Girl Apt, Big Girl Shoes, etc. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in Community Management and I sure have learned a lot. I love my job. Who would have though I would be a Community Association Manager... Not Me!!!

3. I moved, only once!!! I moved in April to Scottsdale, AZ for work. I know I move a lot so it isnt anything new for me. This time though, the move was tough. I thought I was going to be with my family in Arizona, but it ended up only being me, my brother, and Jordyn. Family moved to Florida (Thanks Mom and Dad)... I left some really special people behind in Vegas, people that I know will be in my life forever. I do miss Vegas a lot, everything about it. I dont go back as often as I should, seeing how its only 5 1/2 hour drive, and an easy drive at that. So yes Vegas, I miss you!

vegas bby Pictures, Images and Photos

4. My first Root Canal/Crown... need I say more. Those of you who know me, know that I hate the Dentist with a passion... reason enough to never ever go, until it gets too late, and your tooth is dead :-( Sad day. I miss my cracked tooth...

5. TRAVELING!!! I must have traveled all over this year. Back and forth from here to Vegas, here to Cali, went back to my roots of NC/SC for a week, I went on a cruise, visited family in Miami. It was a good year for traveling...
6. My little brother got married... two siblings down, two to go. Who will be next???? smily=) Pictures, Images and Photos

I think that is all for now... 2009 I will miss you, but I am anxious for 2010! What will you bring me????