Off to California for the weekend to be with Robert and Brayden!!! Happy one year to Robert and Happy New Year to everyone!!!


Oh and I stole this for Laila... I think it is great for the end of 2010 and 2011


See ya next year!!!!


New Years Resolution!!!

My new years resolution- TO BLOG MORE. Now that I have a laptop I will become more of a blogger once again. I am so jealous of all these people who blog and make blog books... I want to be like YOU!!! I used to be such a writer (yes, journal nerd)... so I am going to transform that into blogging... Let's see how long it lasts. I am really going to try! This is only one of my resolutions, more to come....

P.S. I am a new autie to a brand new little boy, Winston!!! Post to come!



April Fools Day Schmooths Day

April Fools Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Can I just say that I hate this day? It is really sad that we have a "fools day"... lets all play pranks on one another and scare each other, irritate each other, etc. It is annoying and just rude. I love April, and this is just a bad way to say, "Happy April 1st!" So... I am taking something that Kelsi did for St. Pattys day and I am going to trust in my handy dandy google tool and find out where this LAME holiday even came from.

Mark Twain said, "The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year." WHAT??? Remember that we are mean and like to play pranks on people?? I dont think so!

"Once upon a time, back in 16th-century France, before computers, people celebrated New Year's Day on March 25, the advent of spring. It was afestive time. They partied steadily until April 1. In 1564, when the calendar reformed and became Gregorian, King Charles IXproclaimed, perhaps pompously, that New Year's Day should be celebrated on January 1 instead of in the spring. Diehard conservatives resisted the change (or perhaps didn't hear about it due to the absence of e-mail) and continued to celebrate New Year's from March 25 to April 1. During this period of spring festivity, the more flexible French mocked the rigidrevelers by sending them foolish gifts and invitations to non-existent parties. The victim of an April Fools' Day prank was called a "poisson d'avril," or an "April fish," because at that time of year, the sun was leaving thezodiacal sign of Pisces. April Fools' Day hit its stride (avoiding thebanana peel) in England in the 18th century, and was brought to colonial America by the English, Scottish, and French. No fooling."

I also found that in Scotland, April Fools Day is 48 hours long... the call the second day Taily Day and it is dedicated to pranks involving the booty!!

I am glad this day is only one day here. I wish it didnt even exist. I think its lame. But there you have it people, some history on April Fools Day.

Oh, have a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Pictures, Images and Photos


1 year down...

Ok Ok!!! I know, I suck at blogging... it gets routine to blog, then it gets routine not to blog... I need to get back on the routine. SO.... happy 1 year anniversary to me living in AZ! I cant believe I have already been here for a year. I am sitting here at work thinking about everything that is happened in the one year that I have lived here and I am very grateful for this chapter in my life.... so, here is my year in what I like the most about blogs... PICTURES!!!

I left Las Vegas one year ago today... March 31st, 2009... these are some of the things I left behind...

Panorama Towers


While I was at Panorama, I worked at all three buildings and am very blessed for the experience I had there, the people I met, and the knowledge I learned. I miss it there... a lot. It is very different going from that place to this place...


That is my new building that I manage, but I will get back to that...

Some other things I left behind in Vegas were some amazing friends...


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I wish I still kept in better touch with them... Vegas friends... I miss you :-(

Since being in Arizona, I have been very busy with work. I have said in the past that my move to Vegas was a career choice for me, but I have to say that being here in Arizona has definitely expanded my career. I have worked very hard, learned soooo much, and I truely love my job. But, its not all work all the time... you gotta have some play in there as well. Here is my year in review in Scottsdale, Arizona... (warning... picture overload)...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Yes... I have been a busy bee... I am so so so glad my family is here in Phoenix with me. I love my family!!!

so here is to me starting to blog again... I have some new ideas!!! Lots to post about, like, such as, California weekends, the grand opening of Phase II in my building, and some fun random posts!!! Don't worry, I'll be back!! :-)


Dear 24 Hour Fitness

This week my sister and I signed up for a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness. We had been talking about signing up for weeks, but finally got our lazy butts in there this week. It works out perfectly... we take Ella with us when I get home from work, she plays in the Kids Club (and loves it) and Jordyn and I work out! So far so good! We started on Monday, and we went three days in a row only to be murdered by our instructor Terri in a class called 24 SET. LET ME TELL YOU, I still cant walk straight, but it feels great to get back into the gym and to be really sore! Tomorrow we will be trying out kick boxing, that is, if we can lift our legs! SOOOOOO...

Dear 24 Hour Fitness, please make me have a body like this:

Kate Bosworth Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you Kate Bosworth for being my motivation...

I have always envied how hot she looks in this movie and in college I used to have a picture of her in my room to motivate me because I wanted to look like her. So, its time again!!!

Ultimate goal? A body like this by May!!! Wish me luck!


"They don't cut wood at home depot"

My sister and I have been very "project" orientated lately... trying to mix things up to keep ourselves busy! We have been meal planning, cooking different things and we just finished making our photo magnet board, hence the reason for this post.

My mom has the cutest magnet/picture board that she bought at a craft fair in Utah... Jordyn and I have always been envious of this board and we have talked about getting one ever since my mom bought hers. "We can totally make that" we would say... so FINALLY we had a weekend where we were both free and started our board making project!

Last time we were in Florida, Jordyn took down the dimensions for the board. They were very detailed, with a list of the exact sizes of wood we needed, how to connect the wood to the sheet metal, the size of the wood, the width of the wood, the length of the wood... get the point??? We were sure we had everything we needed to make our boards just as cute as Moms and not have to pay over 50 bucks for it :-)

Before we left for Home Depot, Carl, Jordyn's husband asked us how we were going to cut the wood. We both looked at him with a confused stare and said, "Duh, the guys at Home Depot will cut the wood for us", he then did this lil huff and said, "They don't cut wood at Home Depot!"... well, he was wrong!!!! Jordyn and I probably spent about an hour and a half playing with the wood and laying in out in the aisle of the store to make sure it would be just right. Our handy helper cut all of our wood for us, we bought our sheet metal, screws, nails, and a staple gun and we were good to go!!!




Now starts the lengthy process to get all this put together... we fist spray painted the wood...


We let it dry...


Then we hammered in the brackets to keep the wood together...

We screwed in the sheet metal (after cutting it a bit to make it fit)...

and VIOLA!!! all done! If only it were as simple as it sounds. It took us a long time to finally figure out the best way to do it, but we are very happy with the finished product!


THEN.. to make our board even better, we made magnets for it on Saturday night!!! Now all we need is pictures and cards and notes and whatever else to fill up our fun new boards!



Thanks J for doing this with me... SO FUN!!!


Swimming OUTSIDE in January!

This week in Phoenix, the weather has been ridiculous! It has been in the 70's and sunny... so beautiful. On Tuesday, I got to watch Ella because Mom and Jordyn went to a doctors appointment (not gonna lie, I love when Jordyn has Dr. appointments because I like having Ella all to myself). Soooo... being the awesome Aunt that I am, I took her to the pool. Ella was probably more excited than she has ever been and immediately got her "back pack" suit on... (aka: her swimming suit/floaties) We headed on our way down to the pool in my complex and had a blast! Thanks Ella for letting me watch you and not getting mad at me that I stayed in the hot tub while you played in the cold pool! I love you!






Dear Victoria,

Your closet is ridiculous!!!





Your Friend,