as of lately...

Nothing new to report, really, I have nothing new... Still waiting to get P90x in the mail.  I am glad that it is taking a while, its preparing me mentally.  PLUS, I was sick this past weekend, so, now that my sickness is almost gone, I will be ready when it gets here!  YAY.  I have to admit, I have been a little P90x crazy... I have been finding peoples blogs and reading all about their experiences and I really hope that it works good for me.  I am going to be hard core about it, and I am going to make a blog about it as well.  It will be fun.  It should be here by Saturday, so I will be starting it on Monday which is the 28th.  AHHHH... yay for something new. 

Things are slowing up here in AZ.  Work is slow.  No more babies popping out.  One nice thing though is that my Momma is still here and my grandparents came in on Tuesday.  Jordyn was SUPPOSED to have her surgery on Wednesday but due to insurance problems, that didn't happen.  Insurance blows... especially when you dont have it (GUILTY).  It is nice to have family here though.  I sure do heart my family a lot.  Everyone is coming in to town for the babies blessings which are going down in March... that is neat!

I am excited for next week.  I am going to California to take the M-100 class for work (yucky) but on the bright side I get to hang with the boy from Wednesday to Sunday! WAHHOOO!  I like him a lot...

Other than that, my life is boring.  Same stuff, every day... work, home, work, home... soon it will be work, home, p90x!!!  HA!  Ok, I am done now!  HAPPY THURSDAY everybody! 



Ok folks... its true, I ordered p90x today and I am super excited about it.  I can't wait to get it in the mail so that I can start on getting sexified.  I hope it works.  I don't want to look gross though, or buff... skinny would be nice, but not buff. I have been looking at all these testimonials all morning and am shocked at some peoples results.  I hope it works for me.  I am going to document it a little bit here on my bloggy blog for you guys and if you want to try it, I have the dvds and I will share, because I am nice like that. 

Before and After pics... maybe, not sure I want to post what I look like with my shirt on for all of my 6 followers, but maybe... we will see!  I am going to try to follow the nutrition plan.  I think that is going to be the hardest part for me.  It's hard to not eat what everyone else is eating around the dinner table, so hopefully I can get my sister and moms support (the are the cooks right now), and then have some killer motivation.  I think I have it though. 

March 1st is my planned start date, but it might be sooner depending on when I get the dvd's.  So June will be when I hopefully will have a killer bod... then I will be good to go on vacation.  So, Robert... where are we going??? Atlantis??? 

Wish this girl luck.  I will post more when I get the precious package! 

Happy Birthday to my MOMMA!!!


YAY... it's your birthday.  I love birthdays.  I love you.  I am so glad that you are in Arizona so that we get to hang out with you on your birthday (sorry Dad and Kaelin).  It's so nice to have you here to help Jordyn and hang out with me too.  I like when you are here. 

I am so glad that you are my momma.  I look up to you soooo much.  We are a lot alike I think.  I got your emotional side, I cry at everything.  I try to be tough like you, but sometimes, I want to give up.  You make me realize that even what I think is the bad stuff, isn't that bad.  You are such a strong woman and I want to be like you.  You have so many struggles in your life and I know you struggle daily, but it doesn't change the fact that you are an amazing Mom and Grandma.  I love you.  You work hard, always making us happy.  Doing everything you can for us.  I know that if I ever need anything, you are there for me.  I love you for this.  I am glad I have you for my mom.  You make me laugh and smile. 

Happy Birthday to the Best Mom EVER! 


Valentines Day, 2011

VALENTINES DAY is NOT my favorite.  I feel like the day is overrated.  However, my guy and I had a good V-Day.  He made me feel special, bought me flowers, and gave me a card (which doesn't happy a lot, and everytime it does, it means SOOOO much to me). 

We decided to celebrate on Sunday night.  I was supposed to fly back to AZ on Monday night, but ended up staying until Tuesday morning.  For dinner we went to The Melting Pot.  YUM.  I love that place.  It was Roberts first time and I think he enjoyed it.  I must say, I believe that my favorite part of eating there is the cheese course.  It is so good.  And of course the dessert too, but you are so full when you get to that point.  Dinner was great.  Thank you babe for taking me out and for my flowers and for making my V-Day special.  I love you.  

Here are the pics from dinner.  (P.S. we were burned... it was so nice in California so we played outside with Brayden all day)


Happy Birthday J

Oooohhhh older sis, Happy 29th Birthday to you.  Your birthday always reminds me that mine is coming up soon... we are only TWO YEARS, and THREE MONTHS apart to the day.  Whenever you have a birthday, I always think, in three months, i'll be another year older too.  So, that means I will be 27 soon.  However, lets talk about you... it is your birthday (well, it was a week ago, but this post is for you). 

Jordyn, you are an amazing older sister, wife, and mother.  I want to be like you when I grow up.  You are so amazing with your daughters.  I love watching you watch them.  The love you have in your eyes for them excites me for when I become a mother (I am more than happy to just be an aunt right now though...)  Ella adores you.  I will say that I do love when she calls my name at bed time because she knows she can pretty much get away with everything when I put her down.  I love you... and love that you have given me two perfect little girls that I can spoil and play with and love!

Sister, we have had our ups and downs... but you will always be my favorite older sister.  We have gotten so close over the past two years living so close to one another (and thanks for letting me be your roommate for a while).  You are always there for me no matter what, and for that, I say thank you.

Here are the other things I want to say thank you for...
- Thank you for always going to get pedicures with me.  You are the best pedicure buddy EVER!
- Thank you for yelling at me when I say my foot hurts and saying, "I only feel bad for you because you wore flats today", any day I wear heels you say, "I don't feel bad for you!!!"
- Thank you for reminding me daily what its like to be such an amazing example to your family and for being an incredible mother and sister.
- Thank you for being such a TROOPER during your pregnancy... you are soooo tough! 
- Thank you for making me yummy dinners all the time- IE: Cream Cheese Chicken, your chicken bake thing you make, caramel popcorn, etc.
- Thank you for opening up your home to me so many times!  You are a pretty cool roommate!
- Thank you for getting skinnier while you were preggers... gives me hope!
- Thank you for letting me be a part of your kids lives.  They are so important to me and I love them for than I can even explain. 
- Thank you for allowing me to blog about you, and brag about you, and then cry because writing this is making me cry!


Here are some pictures from your birthday dinner at the Red Robin... and just so you remember, you pretty much ate the entire dessert by yourself!!  LOVE YOU! 

Peyton Elizabeth DeFriez

This little girl has been such a joy in my life already.  She was born on February 2nd... I love her oh so very much.  She is so little and tiny and sleeps ALL THE TIME.  Its cute.  My sister has to wake her up so that she can feed her.  That kid is always asleep.  She is so peaceful and sometimes will crack a little smile while shes snoozing away.  She makes the Kregg Hale tight lipped face and it is precious. 


Ella was soooo cute the day she was born.  I took off work so that I could watch her.  I took her to kids club, then to lunch, and then we went to the hospital.  We patiently waited for the babe to be born in the waiting area and all Ella kept asking was, "is my baby born yet?"  It was so cute.  She is such a good big sister and always wants to hold "her baby".  I love my nieces. 

This is Ella and I sad beacuse Jordyn had the baby and we had to wait to see them for like an HOUR!!!

This is the day she came home... my sister and I bought this outfit for her... she has two of them, and it is adorable beyond words! Thanks H&M!

I also love my lil nephew.  He is getting so big and is soooo freaking precious.  Steven and Emily came over for the superbowl so we got to hang with the lil Winston for a while. 

I still think it is crazy that I have two nieces and one nephew.  They are fun, and I love them! 


Things I can't seem to live without this week...

- Duncan Donuts Hazlenut Coffee!!! YUM, and it gets me through my day

- My phone, DUH

- This little girl... Something about her in this tangled wig makes me smile a lot.

- Snuggling with this one... and, I love the way a new baby smells!!!

- My family... always there for me no matter what.

- This guy, I sure love him a lot.

- Blog Stalking... yes, I admit to it... its nice to take a break from work and read how everyone else is doing in this world.

- Caramel Popcorn... my mom and sister have been on this obsession with it, I'm not complaining... its Yum Yum Yum

- Flowers for my hair... I am in love with these things. Because I don't like the length of my hair, I seem to be wearing it up everyday... so these are great for me!!

Thats all for now! Happy Thursday!



This is my new obsession... Enjoy
AMAZING photography and I love it all!


Baby D was born on February 2nd. She was only 5 lbs, 14 oz and 19 inches long. Jordyn and Carl haven't named her yet... but she is sooo pretty and she is going to be a lot of fun.

Here is a look... her and Winston are new cousins, born 6 weeks apart! :-)