Closing up on life in AZ

I can't remember who the first person was that described life as a book...

I have had a lot of chapters in my book.  My chapters always seem to end the same, with a move. 

Soooo... yes, my Arizona chapter is ending and a new chapter is starting. 

My California chapter.

I'm moving... to Newhall California... to start a new job, and be with this boy...
My feelings of moving are of course bitter sweet. 

My life is funny.  I seem to get burned out of places pretty quick... I give thanks to my dad for that.  Growing up we moved all over the place all the time... never living anywhere for more than four years.  So naturally, this has had an impact in my life now that I am an adult.  Since turning 18, I have lived all over the place.  Utah for two years, North Carolina, back to Utah, back to NC, back to Utah again, when I lived in SLC with Erin, then back to NC (yes, I had a problem)... then to Vegas for a year and a half... AZ for two years, and now to California. 

It's true, I do like to move.  It is very easy for me to just pack up and head out.  However, I am ready to settle down and stay in one place.  I have wanted to move to California for so long, even before I met Robert.  I always pictured myself on one of the coasts, and Cali seems perfect.  Plus, I am totally a Cali girl already. 

Reasons that I am stoked:

-New Job: I will be working at a new company called HOA organizers.  It is a small HOA company, but has a lot of potential and I am pretty excited about it.  It is going to be different than what I have been used too.  I have worked for the same company for four years now, so its definitely going to be a change.  I am also one step away from being California Certified which is awesome.  I got my M-100 test results back and passed with a 91.  I was sooo happy about that.  I hadn't taken a test in forever, so I was proud of myself.  Things are looking good on the career front... I am excited for what's to come with work.  I love what I do! 

-New Place: I love California.  I mean, how could you not.  Great weather, TONS to do, by the beach, close to the mountains... its great.  Plus, I am still really close to my family (but we will get to family stuff later).  For the past year and a half I have been going back and forth to California (thank you Southwest Airlines) and every time I like it more and more.  I am excited to be in California full time. 

-My Relationship: I know I know, duh... Robert is a huge reason why I am moving to California.  We have been doing this distance thing for too long and I for one am super sick of it.  This is definitely the next step in our relationship and I am excited to see what will happen next.  It will be nice to be able to see him every day and not just every other weekend.  I hope that this just makes us stronger and happier!!! 

Now for the sob stories... Reasons I am sad sad sad...

-Ella, Peyton, Winston: Need I say more.  I am absolutely in LOVE with these three little ones.  Even as I write this I am starting to get teary eyed.  Ugh, it is going to be very hard not seeing them all the time.  Wow, Victoria... I am going to be a wreck.  I promised my sister I would come back at least once a month to visit, which I will for sure.  It is going to be so hard leaving them.  I know they are so little... well, Winston and P are, but Ella, I think she will know that I am gone.  That little girl and I have gotten so close and I am going to miss her so much.  She makes me smile and laugh and just makes me so happy.  (Now I am crying my eyes out, and at work...)  It hasn't really hit me that I am leaving, until now I guess.  I need to stop writing about this because I am a MESS and I am worried that some homeowner is going to walk in here and see my crying my eyes out = not sooo professional.  So let's just say, its going to suck not being around these kids all week long :-(

-My Sister- Enough said right there.  I won't get into it about her, because the sobs will continue.  But I will say that I have developed such an amazing relationship with her over the past two years and I love her deeply and will miss her more that anything. 

-Change: Change is always hard.  It is definitely going to be such a transition moving to California and starting a new life.  Plus, I am all alone.  It will be a challenge, but it will be good for me. 

I am glad that I have Robert and Robert's family in California and know that they will be there for me if I need them.  AND I know that MY family is only a short plane ride away and that they will always be there for me no matter what, even if I am in California.

OK... so enough of the sadness... let's talk about the weekend.  We had another low key weekend... nothing too exciting.  Just hung out with the family, watched some movies, went to the park, grilled out, and played some games.  Mom leaves today (sad... tear...) which sucks.  She has been here for almost two months, so it is going to be hard to see her leave.  We are going to lunch today to say our goodbyes.  I will probably cry my eyes out, because apparently I am an emotional wreck today.  I also went and got my hair cut.  BIG MISTAKE.  I am not happy with the result at all.  I feel like she just had a field day on my head.  I am sure that I am being a tad dramatic, but I am not happy with it, and not happy at the fact that I spent $150.00 for her to do something I could have done better.  I wont complain about it anymore... it's just hair and it will grow back.  I might go get it fixed but I don't want it any shorter... so blah to my hair. 

Yesterday Ella, Jordyn, Mom, and I all went to the park to fly Ella's new kite.  PROBLEM: It just wasn't windy enough, so we played instead.  We rolled down the hill, played horsey (where Ella was calling me HorHay, not really sure where she got that), and ran around.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the weekend.  Thanks to my sister for catching these awesome pics :-)

My last day of work is Thursday... I leave Thursday night for California.  I am taking the California law class on Friday, hanging out for the weekend, and starting up at the new job on Monday.  Big changes are coming... and I am very very excited!!!   


Weekend Fun

This weekend was full of family fun.  We did lots of fun things and it was pretty jam packed.  Friday night we all went and saw Limitless (minus my padre, who was golfing).  I love Harkins theatres.  They have a kids club, so parents/aunts/grandparents can enjoy movies without finding a babysitter.  Ella loves going to kids club... We didn't leave Peyton in there for obvious reasons, but she was great during the movie and didn't hardly make a peep.  The movie was actually pretty good.  I enjoyed it, and enjoyed Bradley Cooper!!!  :-)
Saturday I went to TKB in the morning... we just started a new round that I am obsessed with.  I wish they had kickboxing every day!  I then met the family over at Desert Ridge to do some shopping... and I found these!  It was love at first sight! 
They are Steve Madden, Luxe.  I found them at DSW and BONUS... 30 % off, and I love the color and they are super comfy.  SCORE.

After shopping for a bit at Desert Ridge, we headed down to the new baseball stadium to catch a spring training game. 

The Diamondbacks were playing the Reds.  We were losing terribly and the stadium was PACKED, so we left and headed down to Arizona Mills mall to do some more shopping.  And... luckily, I finally found an awesome pair of nude heels... thank you Journeys!! 
Soooo... I got my shopping fix in with my two new pairs of shoes.  Mom and Dad also bought me a super cute shirt from H&M.  THANKS PARENTS!!  I love it... and my new shoes obviously!

Sunday we took a little road trip and headed on up to Sedona.  I have never been and I hear all the time how beautiful and awesome it is up there.  Not Impressed.  I mean, it was OK, very touristy with a lot of shops and food, but I didn't love it.  Maybe if the weather was nicer and not so cold and cloudy it might have been better, but I wasn't super impressed.  I won't give up on Sedona yet though.  I might give it another shot.  It was me, Kae, Steven, Emily, Dub, and my parents.  We did have a good time and I got some yummy fudge.  YUM YUM.  

This picture cracks me up of Steven and Emily.  (Making fun of engagement pics... Emily's face kills me!!!)

Obviously Winston really enjoyed Sedona... he slept the ENTIRE time!  So cute...

Today everyone is leaving, except for my mom.  I am so glad that my family has been here for the past couple of weeks.  I wish they could stay longer, but school, work, you know... kind of trumps vacation time.  Lame, I know.  Mom is staying for another week cuz J is having surgery today, so mom is staying to help which is good.  

So that's my weekend recap!  For those who want a p90x update??? Well, its going OK.  Last week was tough because my family was here but I am back on the wagon starting today.  I actually missed it.  I did a couple workouts last week, but not all of them.  So forgive me Tony, for I have sinned... whoops.  I will bring it this week though (BRING IT, really Victoria...)???  Love you all!!!   


Tough Decisions

Decisions... Decisions... Decisions....

Every day we are faced with different decisions. 
What time should I wake up?  Do I do my hair or put it up?  Coffee or Tea? Flip flops, heels? (those are the petty ones... but you get the point).

People in my life, myself included, are struggling with making decisions.  What is the right one to make?  What is best for me... today? Tomorrow? 5 years from now?  How do we know what is the right decision to make?  If I make this decision, will it hurt someone I love? Will it bring me closer to what I want in life? 

So many questions, with no answers...

I look back at my life and some of the most difficult yet smartest decisions I have made.  For example, leaving North Carolina and moving to Las Vegas.  That was definitely one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.  I was so comfortable there, had a great group of friends, I loved the area, the weather, and everything about Charlotte seemed to fit... until it just didn't any more.  So I left, took a huge leap of faith and moved to good old Las Vegas.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years... 

I have a job, a career... that I love.
I fell in love.
I'm the closest I have ever been to my family.

 Without moving to Vegas I never would have even thought about getting in to Community Management.  I love love love my job.  There are days where it is tough, but this is what I want to do.  It's a good start to something that I think will end up being a great profession for me.

Without moving to Vegas I never would have met Robert.  People say things always happen for a reason... well, I am a firm believer at that.  I luckily scored an interview at Panorama and started working there only a couple weeks after I moved to Vegas.  Robert scored a huge project at Panorama in February, 4 months after I moved there.  Coincidence??? I think not...

Without moving to Vegas I wouldn't have gotten super close to my brother and sisters.  I wouldn't have coached Kaelin in soccer... I wouldn't have seen my brother fall in love.  I also wouldn't have been transferred to Arizona where Jordyn moved 4 months later and wouldn't have became best friends with her, watch Ella grow into the cutest little girl, or be a part of Steven's and Jordyn's new babies. 

I am truly blessed. 

So how do we make these decisions.  Do we make a Pros and Cons lists? Do we just take a giant leap of faith and go for it?  The older I get, the harder decisions seem to be.  Sometimes I wish I were a kid again.  If something didn't work, then I'd move on to the next thing.  It was that simple.  Now I have bills, relationships, family.  Things are much harder than they used to be.  If I could, would I go back to things being easy and simple?  Not at all.  I am happy with the decisions that I make. 

Like my parents have always said, "Choice... Consequence".  Every choice or decision that we make has a consequence whether good or bad.  I hope that I can always make the right decisions and gain the right consequences from them.  It is a scary scary thing though. 

So when do we know if the decisions we make are the right ones?  We know.  It might not be right away, but you will know whether it was right or not.... hopefully sooner than later  :-)

Don't be afraid to make those decisions that seem so scary at the time.  It might be the best decision you ever made!  Happy Friday Everyone! 


Peyton's Blessing 3.16.11

I absolutely LOVE my family. 

Last night was a unique experience for me and my family.
Peyton was blessed at home, instead of doing it at the church. 
It was definitely something that I will never forget.  I have never been to any kind of blessings that were done from the home.  For those of you who aren't LDS, baby blessings usually happen on the first Sunday of the month.  The families can invite whomever they want to stand in the circle with them, but the father of the baby gives the blessing. 
My grandparents and sister (Kelsi) left this morning, and my sister really wanted my Grandpa to be included in the blessing as well as have them all here.  SO... a phone call to the Bishop and we were able to have the blessing at home.

It was sooo beautiful and very spiritual.  All of our hearts were very full.  It was a very intimate and beautiful thing to have it be with just our family and the bishop of my sisters ward.  I think everyone shed a tear or two.
Peyton Elizabeth DeFriez is the name Jordyn and Carl gave her. 
She looked precious in her outfit that my mom made for her.  I contributed with the flower :-)

After the blessing, a bunch of my family members shared their testimonies with the family and it really was such a nice night.
I am so grateful to have such an incredible and loving family.  We are all so close and I love it.

We had a lot of fun before the blessing snapping photos, being silly, and just enjoying each other's company.  I am sad that we all don't live in the same place.  It makes it more special though when we all get together.

I am so lucky to have my family so close. Kelsi, Mom, Dad, and Kaelin... I miss you when you aren't here, but glad that you can visit us often. Love you guys!!!

I love my sister so much.  The love that she has for those two little girls is amazing.  I hope I can be a good mom like her.  Carl... you are also an amazing father and I am so glad that you and my sister have each other ... and thank you for giving me the cutest and most special little girls that are my favorite nieces!!!   I love you guys.  Thank you for opening your home to all of us and making this blessing so special for me and for the rest of the family.  LOVE YOU 


Wishing Wednesday...

 After the day I had yesterday, I decided I need to reward myself with something.  I have been working so hard at my job and been trying to save some kind of funds.  I have been unsuccessful with all the bills that seem to be popping up out of no where... sad story, I know.  However, I need (not want), but NEED a new purse... and a new pair of shoes.  SO... I am going to splurge.  Not sure if I am really going to splurge, or just splurge a little.  I probably should just splurge a little.

I am LOVING this coach bag.  I am obsessed with tan colors right now.  I want this bag.  BAD. 

I also love these shoes... I need a nude/tan pair of shoes super bad. 

I also need to go back to this place... Vegas... I miss you!!! 

Thats all I am wishing for today.  You can't wish for too much or you'll never get it right? 

On to other business... Peyton is being blessed tonight instead of Sunday which is kind of cool.  Not sure how babies blessings work when you aren't in church so we will see.  Jordyn wanted to have my Grandparents there, and they leave tomorrow... plus Kelsi is driving back with them as well.  So we will all be there tonight which is nice for my Sis! I really enjoy having my family here.  I wish I wasn't so busy at work so that I could hang with my sisters more :-(  Makes me sad.  I wont see them again until our family reunion this summer... so gotta enjoy the time I have.  But thats all for today.  I'm out...


BACHELOR FINALE!!!! I know, I am a dork!

OK, so who out there is excited for the finale tonight... I can't wait.  My sisters/mom/grandma/and if the guys want to join us too they can, but as soon as Jordyn gets home from picking up Carl from the airport its on.  Can't wait!!!  If he doesn't pick Emily I will be super sad... however, if he picks Chantal, I would love to see Emily as the next bachelorette!!! 

Brad, please pick sweet, southern Emily... I love her!!!  Oh, and don't break her heart either. 

Winstons's Baby Blessing


Winston was blessed yesterday.  It was beautiful.
I am so proud of my brother for blessing him. 
Emily and Steven pretty much made his ENTIRE, very cute, outfit.  Steven made the vest, Emily made the booties (which are my FAVORITE, and I will definitely be using their skills in the future). 

Some people that were in the blessing circle were my dad, Emily's dad and my Grandpa.  
The blessing definitely gave me chills.  
His official name is, "Winston David Hale".
He was soooo quiet during the blessing, very peaceful.  
Did I mention how proud I am of my brother??
I love the love that Emily has for my brother and their son.  I love the way she looks at them both.
Thanks to the Tipton family for opening up their house to us after the blessing for a delicious brunch.
So grateful to have my entire family here in Arizona.  

I kind of love this little boy.  He is adorable. 
The End.

Next week is Peyton's blessing.  Blog to come. 


Spring/Summer wish list

So I know that it is only March 9th, but it is starting to warm up around these parts.  In AZ its supposed to get up to the 90's this weekend!!! CAARRAZY!  This reminds me that summer is slowly starting to creep up on us, and I couldn't be more excited.  I love summer.  I love when its hot outside and going to the pool and beach and everything.  I decided for my blog today that I am going to make a wish list for Spring/Summer including places I want to go, what I want to do, and clothes and bathers I want to buy.

This will be good motivation for me because of my p90xness.  I wanted to start last week, but I only did two out of the 6 workouts because I was in California, soooo, I started over this week.  Now I have 88 days to go which will make my date of completion on June 5th.  JUST in time for when its really getting warm.  I better have a killer bod by then or I will be very very upset.  I am documenting my journey on my p90x blog if you are interested... P90x Blog

Ok, so lets start with clothes!!!  I am obsessed with these bathers... I got them from my friends blog, The swimsuit Guru which you can check out here (she has where to purchase them too). She always posts the best swimwear, and these are my two favorite.  I can tell that ruffles are in, and I love it!!!  

I do think my color of choice this year is going to be green... don't know what it is about this bathing suit, but I love the color.
On to summer shoes... I always can give myself an excuse to buy shoes, but here a couple that will definitely be in my closet! (there is a color theme here...)
(shoes are from Tillys, Rainbow Store and Steve Madden)

SO... where do I want to go this Spring/Summer... here are my top three:
Atlantis would be my number one... but we (meaning Robert and I, and anyone else who would like to join) can't go until AFTER June 5th. 

Request # 2... Six flags.  This can be for my birthday... It is right by Roberts house, so MAKE IT HAPPEN!
And last but not least... NYC. This should happen as well, as I am hoping this is where Erin chooses to spend her Bachelorette Party!!!! I have never been and REALLY REALLY want to go!!!!
So that is my 2011 Spring/Summer wish list... hopefully I will treat myself to all of the above!!!