Stay Classy San Diego

This weekend Brayden, Robert and I went down to San Diego! It is so nice that we live so close to places like this, the drive was only 2 and 1/2 hours. We left Friday afternoon and got down to San Diego right around 4 o'clock. I did a much better job and finding the perfect hotel for the weekend. We stayed at Paradise Point Resort and Spa. I loved this hotel. It was almost like a city. There were stores, restaurants, and it sat right on Mission Bay. It was beautiful and perfect.

This was the entire resort! Absolutely Perfect

The Resort at night

Walk outside of the room and this is what you see... Beautiful
Our Room
The Hotel was so nice.  I wish that we could have stayed for longer.  It was so cool that we could walk right down to Mission Bay and Brayden could play on the beach.  It was beautiful.  I did good on this one.  On Friday night we walked down the beach to the restaurant at the resort and grubbed out and then walked back to the room. 

On the way down to San Diego we realized we forgot our stroller (whoopsy) so we ran to target to grab a new one and then headed back to the room.  We all went to bed pretty fast and knew that we had to get up pretty early on Saturday. 

Brayden slept in (which means we slept in) until around 7:30.  We ordered some room service, ate, got ready and then headed out to Sea World.  Funny story though, when we were putting together the stroller one of the tires was flat... no bueno, so we had to run back to target on our way to sea world to exchange it out.  We finally got to the park around 10:00 a.m.  I was surprised to see that it wasn't even that crowded.  The weather was perfect, right around 70 degrees, but a little cloudy.  It was the perfect day.  Sea World was a blast.  I can't even remember the last time that I was there.  We had so much fun... I think I had a little more fun than the boys.  Brayden I think is still a little young, but had a lot of fun.  I think that my favorite was the Sea Lion show.  They are SO SMART.  It was a blast. 
Shark Exhibit - This was Braydens favorite

At the Shamu show


Sesame Street 3D

We had a really great time at Sea World and pretty much did everything there was to do there.  We left around six and headed back to the hotel (it was less than a mile from Sea World).  Robert had a brilliant idea of having a little camp fire on the beach.  The Resort we stayed at had fire pits set up on the beach and sold firewood in their gift shop... PERFECT.  And of course, we had to get some stuff to make smores too!  We all had a lot of fun.  I love having campfires on the beach and it was a beautiful night.  It was perfection.

We had such a great weekend.  I can't wait to take our next trip!!! 


May Showers bring May Slackers!!!

I have been awful about blogging.  I am ashamed.  May has just been really busy, and May is my favorite month for obvious reasons.  Work has been picking up and so it hasn't left me with much time to blog.  I have so much to update on.  First off, this is for Christy Buhr (whom I have never met but feel like we are blogging bff's.  She married a friend of mine and I love her blog and she also shares my love for shoes) and I have been meaning to post my latest additions... I got these two a while ago....



...and then added to my shoe collection just yesterday with these! 

I have been obsessed with Aldo lately, and these four come from that wonderful shoe store!!!  I heart my shoes.  I don't know why I have started this obsession with shoes.  It didn't even really start until I was like 22... and before that it was only flip flops all the time.  Now, I am obsessed with buying shoes and by shoes I mean heels.  I guess I grew up :-)  Anyways... so those are my latest additions! 

My birthday was a week ago.  I turned 27 freaking years old.  I can't believe how much time flies and how I am already in my late twenties.  Birthday's have never been a big deal to me, but this year, was probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  Here is how it went down.

-Woke up to happy birthday wishes from Robert and also from my dad.  I also received an overwhelming amount of Happy Birthdays from friends and family via facebook (what would we do without that thing???)
- Got to work and the ladies (Michelle and Neda) took me out to a delicious lunch at Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ place.  It was sooo delicious.  Here are some pics I stole from the Internet (I only took some of me and the ladies, but I wanted to show how neat this restaurant is).  You cook your own food as shown below:

Here are pictures of the girls that I work with. 
Me and Michelle!!
My Boss, Neda
Lunch was delish... I left work early and got home to my boo who had these waiting on the table for me when I walked in.  My favorite, yellow roses mixed with white!!!
We didn't have any vases which explains the lemonade container that we used to put the flowers in.  2 dozen roses, Robert did good.  He had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I honestly couldn't think of anything that I wanted... well, he did a great job at picking out two perfect gifts... a Coach purse and a new camera!!!!  Love you babe!!!
I am in love with this bag.  I know that it looks somewhat white, but it is a beige color and real leather and it still smells like brand new.  Its lavender on the inside and I love love love it. 

He was smart in getting me a new camera.  At stagecoach mine just decided it wanted to die, and then I was using his and was having issues, so he got me this cute blue one.  I am sure there are lots of nifty things I can do with this camera, I just haven't had the time to really play with it yet.  After we opened presents, Robert and I headed on over to Salt Creek to eat dinner.  That place is seriously so yummy.  They have these bacon wrapped shrimpys that are to die for. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

Robert ordered two of these, along with a Thai pasta, and I got the bruschetta.  So good!!! It was a delicious dinner. 

We got home and Robert announced that he had also gotten me a cake, um, add two gold stars to the 10 other ones he earned!!!  It was even shaped like a purse, add 5 more :-)

I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life that put so much thought into my birthday.  Thank you Robert for everything.  I love you with all my heart!!!

So that is my birthday update.  Nothing else really new to report.  We went out last weekend with some of Roberts friends to a yummy Chinese place called Wokcano.  The other couple we were with ordered the sushi boat, which I had to snap a photo of...
Robert and I weren't as hard core, but got a crunchy roll, some chow fun (chow mein noodles) and Mongolian beef.  We then went over and hung out at TGIFridays for a while (not my idea) but had a lot of fun. 

This weekend we are going to San Diego and taking Brayden and I cant wait to take him to Sea World and possibly Lego Land.  I might be more excited than Ive ever been :-)  I will definitely take lots of pictures though and blog about it when I get back.  Until then, enjoy May!!!  (its already halfway over... really)  xoxoxo... Victoria


StageCoach Weekend

Everyone knew how stoked I was for stagecoach... I couldn't wait to be introduced to my first Musical Festival and was excited that a bunch of my favorite country stars would be there... some I have seen, and some new bees as well. 

The weekend was quite funny.  It started out late Friday night.  I had a board meeting in LA and so I didn't get home until almost 9:00.  We hurried and packed, and headed down to Indio, CA.  GPS said it would be about two and a half hours so we figured by leaving at 9:30 we should be there around midnight.  It was fun to take a mini road trip with Robert.  Thanks to satellite radio, we enjoyed "throwbacks" = rap songs from the 80's, and then some country tunes.  I swear, every country song that came on Robert would turn to me and say, "Are they playing?"  It was cute.  We finally saw the sign that said, Indio 30 miles and I think Robert got a little bit antsy so he stepped on the gas a bit.  BIG MISTAKE.  I happened to be looking out the window at the time, saw a nice lil cop car parked on the side of the road, and bam... the next thing you know, the lights were on behind us!  HA... Robert got pulled over for going 85 in a 70.  Sad day.  I never  get pulled over, knock on wood.  The cop was super friendly, but its always scary getting pulled over, even if you aren't the one driving.  He asked Robert if he had been drinking, which DUH, no... but it was still a tad scary when he asked him to follow the light with his eyes.  I probably would have failed out of nervousness!!!  I don't blame the cop, it was 11:30 on a Friday night, but still.  He wrote the ticket then asked which bands we were excited to see at StageCoach.  Roberts answer - "This is for her birthday, so I am just going with her"... ya right... I know you were excited Robert.  My answer - "Chris Young and Darius Rucker", cuz i've never seen them before.  The cop was like, really, Hootie??? HA... it was comical.  We finally got back on the road, and Robert stayed at a cruising rate of 72 for the remainder of our trip.  There were cars FLYING past us going 90, with writing on their cars like, "Honk if you're going to StageCoach", and "StageCoach or Bust", and of course, they didn't get pulled over, but we of course did.  The luck. 

When we got into Indio, it took us forever to find our hotel.  The directions that were on the website were awful and we drove around for a good twenty minutes until we stumbled upon this....
The Travelodge!!!!!!

I took these pictures from the website, so obviously they don't even do the hotel justice because they probably made a model room to take pictures of.  I am not even kidding when I say that I didn't even want to take my shoes off, it was that gross.  We were soooo tired though from driving and it was already paid for, so we stayed... for one night.  We spent almost two hours trying to find another hotel on Robert's phone and were lucky to find one.  Everything around was sold out, so we had to go a little further out from the venue but we were happy to be able to find a vacant room.  Both Robert and I maybe slept for 5 hours and then headed on out to our other hotel, The Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa, in Indian Wells, CA. 

A little bit nicer right?????  Ya... totally worth the money for the switch.  We spent most of our time by the pool, for obvious reasons.  It was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect. 

Roy and Ashlee drove down Saturday morning and got to Indio around noon.  We hung out by the pool for a couple more hours, then headed up to the room to get ready for the festival.  It took us FOREVER to find a cab to take us over there.  No cab companies were answering their phones, and the front desk even tried to help us but couldn't.  We finally found one, but had an hour and a half wait, so back to the pool we went.

 We FINALLY got a cab to our hotel at 4:00.  No big deal because Steel Magnolia didn't start until 4:30. 

The cab driver dropped us off at the front gate.  I was confused, and then realized that we had to walk through the campgrounds to get to the stages.  This was like a mile away, at least.  And it was hot.  It was horrible, people everywhere, campers set up all along the way with people hammered and girls running around in hardly no clothes, guys with cowboy hats and cut off jean shorts.  It was insanity!!!!  So many people, EVERYWHERE.  It was fun to people watch while walking, but it took us forever to get to Festival.  Here is my favorite thing that I saw along the trek into the Festival. 
Ok, so let me explain to you how much of a madhouse this place was.  Over 100,000 people were there, and everyone seemed to be at the Mane stage, which is where all the good artists were playing.  We were a good distance away from the stage, couldn't see a thing.  It was insane.  So many people were there.  It was a tad chaotic.  We finally found a place to sit and then hung out there for the rest of the night.  We ended up only staying for Steel Magnolia, Chris Young, and some of Darius Rucker.  I didn't even want to think about how long it was going to take us to get back out front and get a cab if we waited until the festival was over, so we took off.  It was the smartest thing to do.  We were all tired from being out in the sun, and I got to see who I wanted too.  Hmmm.... Chris Young.  He is soooo good.  I love him.  Here are some pics from the Festival. 
The Madness!!!
Sunday we decided to bypass going back to the Festival.  No one good was playing until around 4:00 and we had to drive back home on Sunday anyways because both Robert and I had to work on Monday morning.  We decided it wasn't worth it to go over to the festival, walk for 30 minutes, and then only stay for an hour or two, so we just hung out poolside for a couple hours then hit the road.  We decided to stop in Pasadena to get something to eat.  They have a lot of nice restaurants, but I wasn't really sure what I was feeling like.  Then Robert pointed out my fav... Melting Pot.  It was the same one that we went too for V day and I was sold.  Duh, never pass up a chance to go to Melting Pot.  Roy and Ashlee weren't far behind us, so they came with us.  While we were waiting, we did a little shopping.  I drug Robert into A&F for obvious reasons, to get him some more Fierce (YUM) and to shop for me!!  This is what I bought...

Totally in love with my new bather, and I love that yellow shirt.  Love Love Love.  I don't love A and F nearly as much as I used too back in my Managing days, but here and there you will find some cute stuff. 

Melting Pot was as amazing as always, except for the fact that I wasn't as impressed with the lobster this time as I was last time we ate there, but it was still super yummy.  Plus, because there was four of us, we had twice the options for the fondue part which was great. 
I love love love the last course.  It was sooooo yummy and a great end to a fantastic weekend!!!! 

Thanks Roy and Ashlee for coming with and thanks babe for everything.  Stagecoach next year???  Probably not, unless we camp.