old post, never posted...

(I think I wrote this post this first week in July, just never posted it because pictures needed to be added, so here you go).

I hate that I am so behind on my blog. So much has changed and happened in the past two months and I just haven’t had the time to sit and update my blog. It has been a crazy summer for sure, and now that I am finally getting around to updating, hopefully I can stay consistent.

So June… couple of things:

1 – I started a new job: this is probably why I have been so busy. I had a lot of free time at the other job and now I am busy all day long, probably because I am on site. I am now working for a company in Valencia (whoop whoop, no more 405 freeway) called Valencia Management Group. They are an amazing company and I am very fortunate to find them and to get hired. Funny story how it happened… I started to not be happy at the other job, so I sent out my resume to a couple places, mostly around town so that I didn’t have the commute every day, and I got a call from Cathy, who is one of the VP’s at VMG. Reason she called me… because Rob Felix (my old boss) was listed as a reference and she works with him in CAI. I. Lucked. Out. They weren’t even really hiring, but she said that she just felt like she needed to call me because of that. I went in for an interview on a Friday morning and was offered an Assistant Manager position at the Westridge Valencia Master Association Friday afternoon. It was definitely an offer I couldn’t pass up. More money, closer to home, (it takes me literally 10 minutes to get to work), and a better opportunity to grow. The property that I am working at now is mostly single family homes which is new to me, but its keeping me busy and I am learning a lot. I love that I am onsite now and at the clubhouse. There isn’t much traffic in here, but it’s a day to day thing. Some days I am crazy busy, other days it is slower and I can catch up on some work. VMG’s offer to me was that I would hopefully Manage the entire Master, once I get my feet wet, which is huge, so I am just working hard and trying to get all my designations and all that fun stuff! So that is the new job story.

2 – Kelsi got engaged: AND she is getting married on August 20th, so in 5 weeks. I am super stoked for her and her ring is gorgeous. She just started a cute new blog for her and Paul, “The soon to be Nevins” and you can see it here.  She is definitely busy planning a wedding and working full time. I am excited to go to the wedding, be in the wedding, and share such a special day with my little sister. Now there are only two Hale kids left un wed. Me and my 15 year old sister. HAH… makes me laugh, but I will have my day when I’m ready. Right now, lets make this day super duper uber special for Kels. I was in Utah for the Kussee Family Reunion, which I will get too, but I got to go wedding dress shopping with her before my flight left on Tuesday. I am so glad that I got to be a part of the wedding planning. Its hard being here in California, and not being able to be there for her, so the time I got was good… and one of the dresses that she originally tried on with me was the one she bought, but it is going to look super different because she is adding and taking away a bunch of stuff… still excited for the turn out though. She is so happy and I love Paul and I can’t wait for him to be a part of my family.

3 – AZ: I spent a weekend in Arizona in June which was really nice. I missed my family, especially my precious nieces and nephews. I could seriously eat them up and I love them so much. It was nice to spend time with my sister too. I miss them a lot. We were all so close when I lived there, and I definitely miss them a lot. Ella was sooo excited that I was coming out and literally cried her eyes out when I left which is heartbreaking! I had been getting calls from Jordyn with Ella crying in the background saying she wanted her Aunt V (yes, I am the favorite Aunt) and it made me so sad. She would be laying in bed crying for me… so sad. When I was there, we had a sleepover every night and I hung out with her as much as I could. I love that girl. Steven and Emily and the lil Winston came over on Sunday to have dinner with us and it was fun hanging out with the whole family. We played xbox and grilled out. It was a lot of fun. Even though it was a short trip, just the weekend, I really had a great time and loved hanging with my family. Here are some pics from the trip.

That was really all for June. It started getting really hot here in California, so we spent some time up at Robert’s parents house swimming. Brayden loves the water and loves to swim, so its nice that we have their house to go up to and hang out at the pool whenever we want.

Now on to July…

I spent the 4th of July with my family in Utah. We had a Kussee Family reunion up in the mountains in Utah. It was a blast. I had so much fun and it was so nice to see some of my family members that I haven’t seen in a really long time. I have tons of pictures from that weekend, so its going to be hard to narrow down which ones I want to put on here… The girls all shared a cabin. It was Kelsi, Jordyn, Me, Ella, Kaelin, and Peyton. It was a loft style cabin, but had just the perfect amount of room for all of us. My grandparents and family did a great job at planning the weekend. The kids all helped with all the meals, and got to mingle with the cousins. I was chosen first and was with Kole and Tyson. First night every family brought something to grill, so we just helped get all that prepared, and then cleaned up. My grandparents gathered everyone around the fire and talked about their lives and I learned things about them that I never knew. I love them a whole bunch. The rest of the weekend was a blast. My Uncle Kris planned out Minute to Win It and all the families competed against each other, and we are all very competitive so it was a blast. We spent time in the canoes, paddle boating, playing games, spending time together, and it was just a lot of fun. I really wish that Robert could have come with me. He would have had a great time and my family would have loved having him there. On the fourth we did sparklers and made smores! It was a great weekend and I am so glad that I was able to go and spend time with my family, cousins, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents. The next one is in three years, and talk is its going to be a cruise, which will be great. Cant wait for the next Kussee Family Reunion.(pics with a detailed post to come)...

So that is it for now.  I need to get back on the blogging band wagon, it is just hard because I am soooo busy.  Hopefully, more to come soon!!