Liam Bennett Nevin

My little nephew was born on January 11th, 2012 at 12:11 am weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 22 inches long.  This little boy is perfect!  You think of the perfect baby, and that is Liam.  Kelsi and Paul are such great parents and it is so fun to have another nephew.  He is starting to smile more and is a great little baby.  I love him.  So that makes the count at 2 nieces and 2 nephews... :-) 

Congrats Kelsi and Paul.  Love you guys and love your new little family :-)

2011 Recap

Oh boy, I am bad.  I am so mad that I haven't been better at blogging.  I think that I am going to need a new laptop for my birthday or maybe even an ipad so I can blog more... I just don't have the time, and when I do, I would rather sleep or hang out with my two boys!!  Anyways, I need to blog for my blog books.. therefore, here is a 2011 recap, full of pictures and news.  Wow, 2011 was a busy one.  And I promise, I am going to try to blog at least once a week.  That is my goal.  Enjoy Folks!

January 2011:
I rang in the new year in California with Robert and Brayden.  Since our Anniversary is on the 31st, we spent January 1st down in Hollywood and went to dinner at Ketchup, stayed at the Mondrian Hotel which was amazing, and went to the Comedy store.  I also got a beautiful ring (one that I have had my eye on for a while) as my anniversary gift. 

I went back to Arizona where I started to work for Rossmar and Graham again at a property called Montage.  That was definitely a challenge, but was nice to get out of the serving job at Tanzy that I settled for.  Other than that, I just hung out with my family and spent some time with my new nephew Winston and waited for my niece to be born!

February 2011:
Continued working at Montage... hated it.  It took over my life.  I basically worked and then went to the gym.  I was living with my sister at the time, and was super excited when my niece Peyton Elizabeth DeFriez was born on the 2nd.  She was PERFECT. Ella and I had fun waiting for lil P to arrive and Ella was super happy to meet her little sister. 
We celebrated my sister's 29th birthday and also my mom's 49th! 
I spent Valentines Day in California with Robert... we went to Melting Pot, my fav!  This was our 2nd Valentines day together :-)
March 2011:
We were lucky to be able to bless both Peyton and Winston in the same month.  All my family was together in Arizona and it is something that I will never forget.  I had such a great time with my family that weekend. 
I also decided to end my job at Rossmar and begin the process to move to California.  I spent the first part of the month in California taking a class to get certified, networked with some different clients, and landed a job with HOA Organizers.  I sold all my stuff, packed up my car, and headed west to California.  It was really hard saying bye to my family, especially my sister and Ella... we had grown so close, but spent a lot of time together before I left. 
Winston's Blessing
The Family!

The fab five at Peyton's blessing!
Robert also celebrated his 32 birthday... boy is he getting old :) For his birthday, we kept it low key... I came out to visit, we went out to dinner, and just spent time together which is really all we need!!!
Happy 32nd Birthday!!!
April 2011:
California Resident!!!!!  I finally made it to California and moved in with Robert.  It was an adjustment, lots of closet renovations, and organization, but it all worked out.  We do really good living together and I loved being here and starting this new chapter in our lives.  I also started work, and at first it was going good, except for the traffic.  I hated driving an hour too and an hour home from work every day, plus, I was doing a lot more than I thought, and I wasn't happy.  I stuck it out though, and developed a close relationship to one of the girls that I work with.  It was fun, but, as you will see, didn't last too long.  I also had the opportunity to go to Disney Land with Jordyn and the kids.  They came out with Carl for a volleyball tournament, so we spent the day "where all your dreams come true" and it was a blast. 
I also requested an early birthday present to go to stagecoach which is a huge country music festival in palm springs.  The trip started out rather crazy, but turned in to a blast, even if we only got to see a couple of artists perform.  The company was great and I got to spend time with Robert which always is a plus!!!

We also spent some time at Manhattan... gotta love Cali weather.  Brayden loves the beach, as do I, so we took advantage of the nice weather and had a day trip down to Roy's (Robert's bro who lives right on the beach).

May 2011:
Happy Birthday to me!  I can't believe I turned 27 this year.  Robert made my birthday so special and we had a great day.  I went to lunch with co-workers and then Robert and I went to Salt Creek for dinner.  He surprised me with some fab presents as well as a perfect cake.  I think he is a keeper. 

Robert and I also decided to take a mini vacay down to San Diego and take Brayden to Sea World.  We stayed at such a nice hotel, the weather was perfect, and I loved Sea World.  We had a blast... we roasted marshmallows on the beach, saw shamu, and fed some sea lions.  So fun and cant wait to take him again. 

June 2011:
June was an eventful month.  I decided to quit my job because I was offered a position at Valencia Management Group, being the Assistant Manager at Westridge HOAHOA Organizers, I felt like this was the best decision for me, and I knew I made the right decision from the first day I started there.  Other than starting than new job, I spent some time in Arizona visiting the sis and nieces which is always nice, and enjoyed the summer sun at the pool! 
July 2011:
We did a bunch of upgrades in our home in July.  We totally renovated our front room, took out the old tile, and added stone, as well as new couches, and a TV.  It looks great and it is sooooo cozy. 
I spent the 4th at the Kussee Family Reunion which was a blast.  It had been a while since my Mom's side of the family had all been together and we had so much fun.  Every family had their own cabin.... I shared one with J, Peyton, Ella, Kelsi and Kaelin.  We ate some yummy food, got some family history from the g-parents, and played lots of fun games.  I had a blast!!! 

Some more exciting news was that Kelsi and Paul got engaged... finally.  They have been dating since high school and finally decided to seal the deal.  I had the opportunity while I was in Utah to go wedding dress shopping with her which was a special moment for me.  My little sister getting married... ugh, I always get emotional thinking about it... but when she put on those wedding dresses she looked amazing and I was so happy for her.
Back in Cali, things at my job were going well... I was learning a lot, but settling in pretty quickly.  We spent a lot of time at the beach enjoying the weather and playing in the sand!
August 2011:
Kelsi got married!!!  This was probably the most eventful thing of the month.  I flew out to Utah and was able to spend and be a part of her special day.  It is so weird when your younger siblings get married.  Things were so crazy with getting things ready for the wedding, decorating, final touches here and there, that it didn't hit me that she was actually getting married until I saw her husband to be, Paul.. all dressed up and ready to get married.  He looked so happy, so mature... so ready to show his love to my sister and commit to her forever.  The wedding was beautiful, which you can see in my previous blog post, and I couldn't be happier to have a brother in law as special as Paul. 

Robert and I also went to the X-games with Jen and Kenny, took Brayden to the circus, and went to the Aquarium of the Sea.

September 2011:
This is where my last post took place.  Erin got married.  It was beautiful and I was so glad I got to spend her special day with her and that Robert was able to go with me.  I also got to see my besties Robin and Lindsey. 

I went to my first Dodger game which was fun, even if we only stayed a couple of innings!! :-)

October 2011:
We spent a weekend in Vegas which was a blast!  I needed a mini vacay and I got to see my bestie Rachelle!!!!

Brayden turned three!!!  We threw him a party at our house and it was a success.  Can't believe he is already 3.

We went to the pumpkin patch and they had spent most of the time at the petting zoo.  B loved the animals.

For Halloween we took Brayden trick-o-treating.  Brayden was a swat team member, and it was adorable.

November 2011:
November started to slow down, Thanksgiving was spent at Roberts parents house, and it was delish!!

Other than that, we just got a Christmas tree, way too early (it died before Christmas)!! 

December 2011:
I was proud of myself for getting most of the shopping done prior to Christmas Eve, like usual.  This year was so different.  It was the first year that I wasn't spending Christmas with my family, which was very hard for me.  Robert's family made me feel like part of the family though on Christmas.  We sadly didn't have Brayden on Christmas morning, so we did our Christmas a day early.  Christmas day was actually on Christmas Eve.  We told Brayden that Santa was coming to our house first, then he would visit Momma tomorrow.  It is so fun having Christmas with little kids.  Brayden got over the present opening pretty quick, and if it wasn't a toy, he didn't care for it. 

Brayden then went to Sherry's and Robert and I spent Christmas Eve with his family, then went over there Christmas morning to open presents.  The Helou family does Christmas WAY different than my family does.  It was giving me anxiety... there was clothes, boxes, wrapping paper, gifts EVERYWHERE.  All I wanted to do was make little piles for everyone and throw the garbage away.  It was funny.  They also just attack their presents.  Again, so different from my family.  My family waits for everyone to open their gifts so we can see what everyone gets.  I had no idea who was getting what or who it was from at Roberts parents.  It was pretty hilarious.  Robert's family spoiled me and I definitely felt like part of the family.

Brayden came over from Sherry's around lunchtime and we had Christmas with him.  It was all about him and he opened all his presents from Roberts parents, then took a nice nap while we got all ready for dinner.  Christmas was a lot of fun, but I definitely missed my family.  It was hard, but we all have our own families now and I guess this is what happens when you grow up! 
For New Years and our Anniversary, Robert and I went up to Mammoth to go snowboarding.  There was absolutely no snow!!!  It was so different from the snow that I am used to from living in Utah.  It was still beautiful and our hotel was right outside of the ski lifts. We went out to dinner the first night we were there to celebrate year number 2!  Robert got me some new slippers and the diamond earrings I wanted :-)  I got him a gun... haha :-)
On New Years Day we hit the slopes.  On our second run I ate it HARD... hit my head, and then was over it.  I felt bad, but anyone that has been skiing or snowboarding will understand what I am talking about.  Once you have a hard hit, you are timid, scared, and your snowboarding style totally changes.  We only went down a couple more times and called it a day.  It was still a lot of fun, and a good time.  We spent Sunday night there and then drove back to Newhall on Monday.  We had a good time and it was a great way to ring in 2012!!!! 

So there you go. It is April 6th and I am just now finishing up about last year. Really gotta get better at this blogging thing!