Jamaica - March 15-22, 2012

This year, Robert and I got to take a trip to Jamaica.  Our last trip was two years ago to Mexico, and we were overdue for a vacay.  We went back and forth between the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and every other island you can think of, but when it came down to decision time, Jamaica won because the resort I found had everything Robert and I wanted.  He wants good food and nice beaches, I want pools and a nice room.  We found all this at a resort called the Grand Palladium Resort in Lucea, Jamaica.  It was located about 15 miles from the Montego Bay airport.  It was grand and beautiful.

We decided, well, I decided to book the redeye.  I always hate traveling East because I feel like you waste a day traveling, so why not do it at night.  Our flight left at 10:55 p.m. from LAX. 

We landed bright and early in Charlotte at 6:00 am.  We were both exhausted from hardly sleeping at all on the plane.  We only had about an hour and half layover, so we just grabbed some food then headed to our gate.  The flight from Charlotte to Jamaica was about 3 hours, and again, we both didn't really sleep.  I was just anxious to get there and Robert was just uncomfortable. 

We finally made it into Montego Bay right about 10:00 am, Jamaica time.  We went through customs, which always, took forever, hopped on a bus, and headed on over to hotel.  (note to self, do not reformat camera after taking pictures thinking that it might be something good, because its not... it will erase all the pictures on your memory card, therefore, I have no pictures of us when we first arrived in Jamaica... so sad). 

Right when we got to our hotel, they handed us a drink.  Luxury!  We were lucky to get checked into a room, since normal check in time wasn't until 3.  We got our bags to our room, changed, and headed directly to the pool.  Again, no pictures of day one.  Sad sad sad.  After about 4 hours at the pool, Robert, being smart, wore zero suncreen and got purple fried.  He took a nap, while I went to find some food.  The only downside to the hotel was no room service.  The resort was so big, room service just wasn't an option for it.  So I had to pay some jamaicans to let me sneak out some food so Robert would have something to eat when he woke up. 

Day two, we set up some excursions, checked out the beach, and then spent the rest of the day again at the pool.  It was so nice.  The weather was perfect.  The food was amazing.  The beaches were gorgeous.  It was luxury at its finest.  I am glad they had someone walking around the resort taking photos, or I wouldn't have these from dinner our second night there.

Day three, we went dune-buggying!  It was a blast.  The place we went was only about 15 minutes away from our hotel, so we weren't stuck in a hot muggy bus for too long.  Robert drove, and I took pictures.  We learned a lot about some Jamaican culture and had a blast... too bad we couldn't get lost from the group and do our own little off roading, but we still had a blast.

When we got back from our adventures on the buggy, we headed to right back to the pool.  I loved the pool.  There were so many on the resort to choose from, so we went from the quiet pool, to the loud pool with the swim up bar, to the adults only pool, depending on our mood.  Our photo friend was out and about again, so snapped some more pictures of us.  I really liked this about the resort and I wish I would have had them take more because the quality was great, and I didn't have to do the "take the picture of ourselves" or the "hey, do you mind taking a picture of us"...

Day four was another day at the pool, weird, yes I know.  I liked our resort because it was so big that I felt like I was doing something different every day.  Oh, and not to mention, the food was really good.  Robert and I became quick fans of the sports bar which had some delish food.  I think Roberts favorite food though throughout the entire trip though was the jerk chicken.  We had it at a couple different places, but it was yuummmmy! 

Day five was excursion number two.  We went into Negril to do some shopping and got the most amazing coffee I have ever had.  I guess they sell it in the states for a ridiculous price, but you can get it for like 30 bucks in Jamaica, so we stocked up!  They took us to two different shopping venues and like any other touristy location, the Residents there try to get you to come in to each and everyone of their little shacks that are full of the same things from the shack before.  I felt bad going into those places and not purchasing something... this is all these people do and live for.  We bought some stuff, but not too much.  We tried to avoid them as much as we could without being rude. 

After shopping time, we headed over to Ricks Cafe which is a well known spot in Jamaica.  They have these amazing cliffs where you can cliff jump and it was free.  So we grabbed a bite to eat, had some drinks and jumped for our lives.  I really wish they would have had someone taking pictures of us jumping, and Robert and I weren't smart enough to take our waterproof disposable with us when we jumped, so all I have are before and after pictures as well as the cliff that we jumped off.  The water was incredibly blue and you could see right through it.  It was gorgeous.  This might have been one of my favorite nights in Jamaica.  We got to see the sunset, which was beatiful.  I just wish we would have had a little more time there... but since it was an excursion, we had to get back on the bus I think 2 hours or so after we got there.

On our way back, we were both drained... but decided to get dressed real quick and check out one of the restaurants at the resort.  We then called it an early night. 

Day five... was spent at the beach.  We got a ride from one of the workers to take us down there... I am not kidding, this resort was THAT big.  Oh another side note, at this point, my camera was no longer working... something to do with a "shutter error" which was absolute tragedy.  Thank goodness for IPhones.   My Iphone was my camera for the remainder of the trip, as well as our waterproof disposable, which, we had yet to take any pictures with and I still haven't goetten the pictures developed. :-) whoops!  (note, develop prior to posting or do a separate post with disposable camera pictures only... you never know what you are going to get with those cameras).  The beach was stunning and I found some nice girls to take some pictures of Robert and I in the water (me having the fear of dropping my phone in the ocean was taunting me), so thank you new york girls!

After spending a couple hours at the beach, we grabbed some jerk chicken that they served down there, then headed back to the pool.  Robert - still purple.  He was so burnt, poor guy.  I think he was purple the entire trip, but only on his back and stomach.  I wanted to lay by the pool, but he wanted to be in the shade, so we compromised.  It wasn't long though until Robert was at the swimup bar with the sun pounding on his back. 

Last day... sad sad day... was spent once again at the pool.  We just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  We also went to a bonfire on the beach which was pretty neat and ate at the italian restaurant which was my favorite out of all of them.  So good!  We ended up going down to the beach bonfire and hanging out there the rest of the night.  It was fun to get dressed up and spend out last night on the beach.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Jamaica early Thursday morning.

The flights back weren't as bad as the flight there, and we were excited to get back into the US of A.  Overall, we had a great trip.  Till next time Jamaica... you did us good!!!